7 of Texas’s best lawyers for accidents

When choosing a car accident lawyer, you should consider the lawyer’s focus, experience, and reputation. Almost any lawyer can work out a deal with an insurance company, but not all of them have been to court.

Here are the 7 best lawyers in Texas for accidents.

Tk Injury Lawyers

What makes TK Injury Lawyers the best lawyers in Texas? As part of their promise to the clients, they can talk to an attorney directly and work with big companies and insurance companies. In every case, the goal is to help the clients regain their dignity and respect and get the justice they deserve.

7 of Texas's best lawyers for accidents

An insurance adjuster does not have to “handle” your case. You are a person who has been hurt and needs to be treated fairly.

Carabin Shaw

If you were in a car accident in San Antonio, Texas, that wasn’t your fault. Call a Carabin Shaw lawyer right away.
This law firm has been getting people paid by negotiating settlements or going to court and having a jury or judge decide.

If you get hurt in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, their lawyers will help you file a claim for personal injury.

Legacy Car Accident Lawyers

Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, and many others are the places in Texas where these lawyers serve. Click here,, to find the best personal injury and car accident lawyers in the area.

Legacy Car Accident Lawyers will take on your case with the confidence that they can get you the most money for the damage you’ve done because they’ve been doing this for years.

Parker Law Firm

Have you been in a crash near Bedford, Texas? Parker Law Firm will fight to get you the money you deserve. They will make drivers who hurt you by being careless pay for it.

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Parker Law Firm will help you fight back against insurance companies that would rather not pay settlements. They will give you the legal help you need to go after the most money for your car accident case.

Lorenz & Lorenz

If you’re in the Waco, Texas, area and need a lawyer for a car accident, Lorenz & Lorenz only deals with car and truck accidents.

Their lawyers have dealt with complicated car accident cases and won money for people who died or were hurt for life. This law firm doesn’t only take on high-value cases; they also take on soft tissue injury cases and other cases that are similar.

The Law Offices of Carlson

The Carlson, which has offices all over the state, will help you get the money you deserve for your losses and injuries if you sue over a car accident.

Since it opened more than 40 years ago, this law firm has helped with thousands of brutal car accident and personal injury cases. They have a legal team that can answer your questions if you want to file a lawsuit over a car accident.

Tate Law Offices, PC

Tate Law Offices, PC can help you get the most money for your losses. They have offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

Their lawyers are dedicated, highly skilled, and have years of experience helping people who have been hurt in personal injury and car accident cases. Also, they won’t charge you for case costs or legal fees unless you get all your money back

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