Beauty of the Universe 2020: Ojanomare emerges winner

Beauty of the Universe 2020: Ojanomare emerges winner

Beauty of the Universe 2020: Ojanomare emerges winner

EMERALD Victoria Ojanomare has been crowned the winner of Beauty of the Universe 2020.

Ojanomare emerged winner amongst 19 other contestants representing other nations and identities at an event that was held in Abuja on December 5, 2020.

Ojanomare was crowned the winner after pulling the strings in ways other contestants couldn’t in the competitive event.

The new queen desires the capacity to build, grow, and succeed, regardless of any limitations or challenges they may encounter. Queen Emerald is known to be attractively unique, possessing an unusual brilliance, as she remains passionate for the knowledge of new things. “what you learn with the experiences you get, takes you steps closer to who, where and whatever you want to achieve in life,” she says.

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Known for her vibrant disposition, affectionate charisma, intellectual capacity, creative ability, and delectable beauty, the 21years old Geology Graduate from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, expressed appreciation to the organisers of the prestigious pageant event.

The indigene of Ugheli Delta state continues to nurture a growing career in modeling and entrepreneurship.

The 2020 edition of the beauty pageant witnessed the presence of several notable personalities, showbiz Entrepreneurs, TV Personalities, celebrities, and renowned public figures across diverse sectors and industries.

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