“If you can’t give when you have N1,000, you won’t give when you have N1million” – Actress, Kate Henshaw

If you can't give with N1,000, you won't give with N1million - Kate Henshaw

If you cant give when you have N1000 you wont give when you have N1million Actress, Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw in a recent tweet has invariably stated that a stingy person forever remains stingy, regardless of the amount of riches that have been amassed by such individual.

The actress insisted that if a person cannot give or show generosity, when he has a little amount as 1,000 naira, that person still won’t be able to give when he is blessed with a million.

In her words:

“If you can’t give when you have N1,000… You won’t give when you have N1million.”

See tweet below;

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