Mourinho: Clarke so important for me at Chelsea

Mourinho: Clarke so important for me at Chelsea

Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is proud of his role in helping launch the career of Scotland coach Steve Clarke.

Writing in his column in The Sun, the now Roma boss reflected on the time he brought in the Scotland manager to help him when he arrived at Chelsea.

“I know Clarke very well,” Mourinho said. “When I first went to Chelsea, I asked for options to employ one coach who knew the club and the country to help me adapt.

“I was given a few names, I interviewed them and decided on Clarke.”

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The Scot, who also played for the Blues from 1987 to 1998, became the first manager to take the Scotland national team to the Euros since 1992.

Mourinho praised Clarke for the help he gave him at Chelsea and believes he is the right man to take Scotland forward.

“I know what Scotland means to him,” Mourinho added. “Clarke is very good at hiding his emotions, but he is a very emotional guy.

“He feels very much the nature and the responsibility of this job.”


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