Parade disrupted as marauding cow invades NYSC orientation camp in Ogun (video)

Parade disrupted as marauding cow invades NYSC orientation camp in Ogun (video)

Sheu Shagari lied to Your fathers
Obasanjo handed power to Shagari because he was afraid of the erudition and intelligence of Awolowo, Shagari was kicked out in a coup carried out by the current illiterate and confused power drunk Jihardist Buhari, he was a mere figure head as Tunde Idiagbon was actually the man running the affairs of state, Buhari has always been too dull and unintelligent, he has no plan, no leadership skills, he is just power drunk and has used the state resources for his selfish tribal agenda, while he was busy being silly the Fulani in the North then planned a trip for the intelligent Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon because he was to tough for them but Buhari can be taken out of the way, Idiagbon who was actually the President by performance returned from Saudi Arabia (Muslim) to find out that a despicable tyrant has planned a coup IBB a Fulani ousted Buhari and Idiagbon returned to the airport to be told he cannot go to Dodan Barracks which was the power center of these military boys toying with the destinies of the masses. IBB because a monstrous plague, he killed at will and created an atmosphere of tredipation using the military who have no business in governance. Several people were killed from Vasta , to Dele giwa and and several people, IBB was a monster just like Buhari and Abacha, they killed without consideration. He took Nigerian for a fool and there was a loud outcry against his misrule after he unjustly Annulled the election of MKO Abiola , the Okar Coup was one coup that would have settled the agitation of the Yoruba and Igbo people, IBB was arrested in that coup at Fadeyi on ikorodu road , then some useless loyalists whose names I knows who are Yoruba rescued IBB and Orkar a Bright gallant soldier was executed by Babangida, he ran to Abuja after that because he knew that the agitation is loudest in the south, it was as soon as the military Babangida moved power to Abuja that the Yoruba people became the slave under the Fulani caliphate, they control all the resources in the south from the North and dares you to come and fight after sending Fulani soldiers and police to curtail you in the south. Babangida wanted to make himself a mugabe after the annulment of June 12 but the outcry was loud and he “STEP aside ” they arrange shonekan to be the interim president and Fulani could not even let him stay for one Year, they kicked him out by a coup carried out by Abacha, all the stupid idiotic monster that the North could find became president and Abacha was one of them, he was himself a murderer and a despicable human being who killed Ken saro wiwa and many others , he was taken out after a myth which became widespread, then Abdusalam the billionaire of three months stole everything he could steal after Abacha and the North in a bid to compensate the Yoruba people went to prison to bring Obasanjo who had been locked away about to be killed by Abacha, he also was like them a thief , a liar and a despicable human being , when his third term agenda was not supported, in vengeance he imposed a sick Yaradua so everyone will commend him while condemning the failure he imposed Yaradua died for three months and the power house was vacant but Fulani decieved the people until Sowore exposed them and reluctantly they handed power to Jonathan, we had high expectations of him but he also became a dull occupant, he wasted opportunity and the masses hated the failure of pdp for 16 years of the wasted opportunity to have a Nation. It was them the Saka of Lagos went to bring this sick empty headed illiterate like himself to rule over us. Do I need to tell you the woes he has brought?
Nothing has really changed
We are stunted
We are still where we are unless there is a revolution to get rid of all these criminals
Nigeria is not going anywhere unless there is Blood , fire and Water to calm the war
We cannot make progress if we avoid a war
We have to fight for liberation just like they did in south Sudan and got free from the backward North
Time is running
If you refuse to fight , your children will be slaves to these monsters who are taking us for granted

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