Spain Olympics coach De la Fuente explains Sergio Ramos snub

Spain Olympics coach Luis de la Fuente has ruled out taking Sergio Ramos to Tokyo.

The departing Real Madrid defender was mentioned as a candidate for an over-age spot, particularly after missing selection for Euro 2020.

But De la Fuente explained: “I have spoken with some of them, footballers who have been in the last calls, but I did not know that I had to do something else with him.

“I am a fervent admirer of Sergio Ramos and all that he represents. I have not called because I did not know that I should do it. He is a professional player and a great colleague so I am sure he understands perfectly the circumstances that led me to make these decisions, which are well thought out and agreed upon. There was no place for that call.

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“Of course he had the same chances as any other Spanish footballer, but we had very clear ideas from the beginning. I knew which players I wanted to be with me, which players had earned being in the tournament. The decision is the correct one. We had to reward those players who took us to the Olympics.”


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