The Most Stereotypical People In Nigeria Are Anambra State Citizens – Do Not Date or Marry From There (See Why)

The Most Stereotypical People In Nigeria Are Anambra State Citizens – Do Not Date or Marry From There (See Why)

Anambra citizens are good loving people with a rich culture, giant strides, creative, hardworking and perhaps the most innovative ethnic group in Africa.

Yes Africa, not just Nigeria. When we talk about how good the Igbos are, in business, we are actually referring to Anambra people before the rest comes in.

If you want a quick success in business, then associate with an Anambra man or woman. But when it comes to marriages and you’re not from Anambra, run for your life. They are extremely “stereotypical” in nature. I don’t want to use the word “tribalism” for a reason though.

In fact let me put this straight to you. If you are a lady from another state, but currently dating an Anambra man, I’m sorry to say you’re wasting your time. There’s 99% possibility that he will not marry you. Even if he wanted to, his parents and siblings will never allow him to do so. If he eventually does, hmm the marriage go rugged o 😁. His parents and siblings will frustrate your life.

Likewise their women. In most cases, they prefer marrying a fellow Anambra person than an outsider. That is to say, if you are a man from another state, presently dating an Anambra girl, hmm Egungun be careful na express you dey might end in premium tears.

If you eventually marry her, then relocate to another country and reeducate her. Same applied to Rivers State women. If you marry a Rivers girl, take her out of the state immediately. I know some of you may be wondering why I said so. Well, I will write about this with a different caption soon.

Also, if you must marry an Anambra girl, make sure you build up a strong relationship with the mother. If you must marry an Anambra man, relate with the sisters the most. But have it in mind that you’ve just successfully dug your grave halfway. They’re like the CEO of your marriage and the day your relationship with them end, your marriage is over. You dey grab?🤔

Apart from business wise and money making, Anambra men are not too smart or educated, but most of their women are. So they see other states women as threat to their brothers/sons. They see you as an obstacle and hindrance to their personal interest and benefits from their brothers/sons.

Especially when they noticed that you are also smart and intelligent, they’ll frustrate your life. But if you’re an OLODO, they wouldn’t mind. Because still have absolute control over their brothers/sons including you the wife. I don’t know if you understand what I mean.🤔

Anambra women have this authoritative lifestyles or attitude rather. They always wanna dominate, be at the top, ride on you. Same with Rivers State women.

Also, why Anambra citizens prefer marrying each other, is because they see other states men and women are lazy people. The women doesn’t believe you can take good care of them the way their men will. LAME MINDSET.😏

Most of the marriages in Anambra is basically on family relationship and recommendation. “She’s the daughter of…he’s the son of…”. Marriage don set o. You get the point now?😁


To my understanding, I think they are protecting themselves and wealth. I actually love what they’re doing, to be honest. Go to Onisha market and see what is happening there, then you will understand better.

But you people should give me one nwantakiri Ada di sharp kam nlubanu before closing una border.😪😫

I really like Anambra women, then Imo, Enugu, Abia, some Yoruba states girls and others.

Hey ladies and gentlemen, I sign out here. HRH King Richard Idasenibo II ✍🏿

The Most Stereotypical People In Nigeria Are Anambra State Citizens -YOU MAY AGREE OR DISAGREE

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